To everyone who’s waiting on an order…

To everyone who’s waiting on an order : as you’ve easily noticed, I’m behind on their processing.

It is just me for a lot of things to send, wrap, ship, or paint or sketch, or sign, and it’s not always easy, it’s as simple and stupid as that. And before I can do all that, I have to do my actual work, which is involving a substantial amount of things to paint at the moment.
This is also the reason why many items are currently unavailable on my online shop, and why I’m advising collectors against sending me their cards or playmats for alterations or such, for the time being.
No one will be forgotten, and all orders will be treated with care, as I always do.
Thank you all for your trust and patience.


Chesley Award 2016

I am nominee to the Chesley Awards 2016  as « Best product illustration » for my « A Song of Ice and Fire 2016″.

I am very happy and honored to have a nomination for this work especially, as it means a lot to me. Now let’s see what’s gonna happen with the voting…

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San Diego 7-9 August 2015


San Diego, here I come!

I can now officially announce I will be attending to upcoming MTG GP in San Diego (August 7-9th).

The event playmat will be something really exclusive : a double-sided mat featuring both versions of « Narset Enlightened Master » and « Narset Transcendent ».

US people, I’m really looking forward to meeting you there!