I receive commissions queries on a daily basis. I thought we could use some type of F.A.Q about that.

* Cards signing ? Yes I can! 
Here’s how it works : you send your cards + you add a piece of paper with your postal address written in capital letters + you also add a tip to pay the way back (or my cup of mocha!!). All this should be shipped to an address I will give you by emailing here : MVartcontact@gmail.com

* Want an alteration ? An artist proof with a sketch ? A custom playmat ? 
Please visit my online shop to see what’s available as far as artist proofs are concerned.
I do not provide blank playmats for the time being. You’d have to get one by yourself!
***IMPORTANT NOTE*** : Such commissions are not open right now. I have previous orders to finish first + a GP coming up. That’s a lot of work for one Mags! As soon as commissions are open again, I will post a note on Facebook. Stay tuned!

* You are a self-published author, a private individual, and you want to commission a piece ? 
Unfortunately, this is something I can’t do right now. Such commissions caused me real troubles in the past, and I decided to give up on that. Thank you for your understanding.

* You like one of my illustrations, and would love to get a higher resolution to print it for your own use on a playmat, a poster, a pillowcase ( *.*) ? 
99% of the illos I’m showing belong to the companies I’m working for. Which means I just can’t hand high resolutions.
This is also why I never post high resolution of my work. I am very respectful of my clients’ rights.

* You’re organizing a local tournament (Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings LCG, for example), and you would want me to paint something special for the occasion ? 
I can’t. As I’m already working on these universes with other companies, it is not ethical if I produce non-official material for the use of a third party.

This FAQ doesn’t answer your own specific question ? Please ask in a comment on the Facebook post, or through an email, I will be happy to answer, and it will probably be useful to someone else.