News about Playmats

Fresh news about playmats ( Basic Lands, Secret Lair, Chandra) : Ultra Pro is planning to put them on a boat on the 11th of this month. If we don’t face more mishaps in the process than we already did, they would arrive late February and then, on our side, signing and shipping will start immediately after we receive them.

Playing Card Museum Exhibition

I’m honored that my Secret Lair Artist Series is part of the current TCG exhibition at the beautiful French Playing Card Museum ( Issy-Les-Moulineaux) starting today until 2023 August 13th.
The Elvish Mystic’s owner was kind enough to lend them his piece.


Playmats Lands Dominaria United

The playmats are produced by Ultra Pro and come from the United States.
They leave Ultra Pro’s on December 2nd by boat. It takes a month (or a month and a half) for them to arrive at Magali’s. Obviously if all goes well as it is possible that customs would want to check the stock and this requires a little more time)
Once it arrives, Magali has to sign the playmats, then pack them and send them.
This time allocated to all this is very normal because it requires a very important management.
If all goes well, first shipments should start as soon as January 2023 or beginning of February the latest.

Thank you for your support and your trust